We are online!

The time has come for us to proudly publish our website and share our activities and visions from now on to the online world. This new platform of information sharing gives us the possibility to provide SSO followers updates, keep in touch and raise funds online.

For a long time already the idea of having a profound website was on our mind but not in our resources – considering finances, time and knowhow. Until Philipp – a young and experienced Austrian web designer – appeared and inquired to volunteer for us. Thanks to his generosity in spending his expertise, time, energy and creativity into our online appearance we can now proudly present this website as you see it. But this is not the whole story of support. Another volunteer – Myat from Yangon – now joined the project “SSO website” and is about to translate the content into Burmese language. Still in progress we may be able to offer the whole website bilingual soon. For a local organization as us it’s a great honor to have now an online visibility and platform – with lowest costs and the support of great volunteers. From now on stay informed about our activities and come here more often – we will keep you updated!

Our hard-working volunteer Philipp, getting already squared eyes by working nonstop on the SSO website project
Thanks to Myats obviously endless energy level, translating our website was not enough – she also was volunteering as English teacher in our centres over the last three months
Words are made by people: Sabine, SSO capacity builder is responsible for all website texting, information and English language imperfection. As a non-native speaker she gave her best and remains in hope that mistakes may be forgiven