Grand Opening of our new Centre

Grand Opening of the new Child and Youth Support Centre

After one year of building and some more time of planning and thinking about it, we could finally open our new STREET KIDS CENTRE!!!

Together with the children the team could open the new centre
Together with the children the team could open the new centre

The new Centre is on Min Ye Kaung Pon Road, where it will support about 150 children who are mostly either born into lives of poverty on the streets or whose families have moved from the countryside. There we will roll out our broad programme of education, sports, vocational training and health care.

“We’ve built this centre for a better future for the kids around this neighbourhood,” said the charity’s chairperson San San Hla. “There is so much need around.”

We are already runs three centres on the outskirts of Yangon, near slums which typically lack running water and electricity.

Children living in the surrounding shacks enjoy days at the centres—a welcome respite from the stress, drugs and abuse of the slums.

The children did some performance
The children did some performance

With the added pressure of earning money for their families, the youngsters often scrape through refuse for recyclable bottles, or sell jasmine at road junctions.

But at the centres, they are fed twice a day and taught subjects such as Burmese, English, meditation, handicrafts and taekwondo.

Integrating the children into wider society and enrolling them on to government schools are some of the main priorities for the charity.

“We have also built this centre for a better future for SONNE, because it gives us more sustainability,” explained San San Hla.

“In the recent past, we have found that short term rental agreements with house owners are not a viable option for running a day care centre.”

The compound includes a library, common space with a small café, an area to sell homemade products, and a sports field along with a garden.