Project Description


We’re getting children into school

There are many factors at play that prevent these children from being able to take part in lessons at state schools: children by law must have a birth certificate to register for school (which many don’t have), the lesson times clash with work and they cannot afford not to work, they simply cannot afford school supplies and other costs. Each year we are able, through assisting with bureaucracy, documentation, and provision of school supplies, to help get around 250 children into school.

It needs more than just being enrolled in a school

Although school enrollment rates are rising worldwide, school drop-out rates are increasing too. The job is not done once a child is sent to school. We aim that our school children can get the most out of it. Therefore, all children within our formal education program get daily free tuition classes after school in our centers and help of our education supervisor if they experience some individual struggles. Staying close to the families and conducting regular home visits contributes to increase the essential family support for the school visit.


Project start: June 2015

Project objective: provision of birth certificates, formal school enrollment, school supplies support, free tuition classes and education supervisory

Project areas: Yangon Region (South Dagon, Dagon Seikkan, Thaketa Township)

Total beneficiaries: 250 children

Future plan: Being stable in our activities and increase the numbers of successful graduations to enrich the children’s lives and environment.


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