Project Description


Mobile healthcare for vulnerable children and their relatives in Yangon

In most regions in Myanmar there is no access to healthcare institutions, and general awareness about healthcare is also poor. A lot of sicknesses could be prevented or at least faster cured through preventative and regular healthcare measures. Therefore, within the context of the project at hand, a weekly healthcare camp at three different project locations – our three SONNE day-care-centres – is taking place.

Increase knowledge and awareness for healthcare

The superior goal is to contribute to an improved health of the target group – primary the children of our daycare centres but their families and neighbours as well –  and to increase general knowledge, as well as make people more aware of their health consciousness. To make this possible, the SONNE medical team (consisting of two nurses, one doctor and one healthcare-supervisor) will come over for a full day. Thereby the number of sicknesses should be reduced, which again will have positive effects on school success and will rise chances for a better life. Through a generally improved health, the “drop-out-rate” of children in public schools may also be reduced, for the simple reason that only healthy kids learn well.


Living and working on the streets brings with it a multitude of health risks; sadly, skin and immune illnesses, infections and injuries are all too common. Each center regularly hosts a “free mobile clinic“ which provides check-ups, medication, and treatment. For those who need hospital treatment, we help by going with them and also pay their bills. We are able to help over 1000 people each year with the mobile clinic.

Our medical emergency fund provides essential help – quickly and without bureaucracy.

Public healthcare in Myanmar is inadequate and the poorest people in society have little or no access to even basic health services. Thousands of children die every year because their parents cannot afford doctors or medical treatment. Many poor families of seriously ill children have been saved from financial ruin by this project because they didn’t have to pay enormous medical bills.

An emergency medical fund without bureaucracy, that is quick and easy to access, is literally a life-saver for families who cannot afford operations or prolonged treatment.


Project start: June 2015

Project objective: provision of free medical care like regular health check-ups, providing needed medicine, educational discussions/awareness building, health care emergency treatments, hospital and surgery support

Project areas: all SSO project locations in Yangon and Nga Pyaw Kyaun village (Ayeyarwaddy Division)

Total beneficiaries: 1.500 children and family members

Future plan: Extending our emergency fund. Provide special support to physically handicapped children and youth through a mobile physical therapist. Improve the health situation and awareness about healthcare and hygiene.


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