Project Description

Promoting fair play and creativity

Physical exercise, practise in team play and participation in competition brings structure to the children’s hazardous day. But much more than that, sport is a crucial component in the physical and mental development of children and it contributes to better learning abilities. Through sports they also learn important life skills, values and qualities such as fairness, cooperation, teamwork, sharing, respect and motivation. Particularly for children who have experienced so much neglect, hardship, misfortune and hopelessness, sport brings the benefits of increased self-confidence and a positive “fighting spirit”. This spreads far beyond the sport itself; such empowerment changes lives! It helps to unlock their concealed energies and potential – physically, spiritually, and mentally and opens up a dynamic life of real hope, freeing them from a downward spiral of despair and resignation.

The children in our daycare centers are practicing sports within their curriculum, such as dance, badminton or ballgames. Through volunteering trainers some children can also join weekly rugby training.

Creative activities are some of the building blocks of child development

Similar to physical exercise, practicing arts brings multiple benefits for children’s individual development and well-being. Learning to create something with their own ideas not only increases creativity but also aesthetical appreciation and the ability to see things in different ways or from different perspectives. It encourages children to gain inventiveness by expressing themselves and taking decisions on creating art. There are many more benefits, such as, painting and drawing provides opportunities to develop fine motor skills to young kids.

Our daycare centre curriculum includes handicraft training, which teaches the children to create small and simple things out of e.g. plastic or recycle material.  This program not only shows that the children are ecperiencing a good distraction from their difficult daily lives but also many children demonstrate great talents and ambitions.


Project start: August/September 2020

Project objective: sports training, sports supply, art/handicraft classes

Project location: all SSO project sites

Number of beneficiaries: approx. 300 children and youth per year (Sports Project), approx. 120 children in the daycare centers (Arts Program)

Future plan: Expand the whole sports and art program for more children, higher frequency, and a bigger variety of sports and arts.


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