Project Description


Mobile Education for vulnerable children in Myanmar

Dagon Seikkan Township, where the program is conducted, is one of the largest slum areas in Yangon Region. Almost all families live below the poverty line and many are forced to live in huts under very insecure conditions. Most children have to contribute to the family’s income. These hazardous and unstable life circumstances reduce the chance to receive education and furthermore reduce the chances to end the vicious cycle of poverty.

Education is the only way to end the vicious cycle of poverty.

Because most of the children do not have a chance to go to formal school or other education centres, due to their work, their living situations and / or lacking support by the parents, Sonne Social Organization started the Mobile Education programme, which is set place in public areas in the slums, like a nunnery for example. The project offers an education progamme, which adapts to the children’s lives and needs and it shows that education is not bound to any locations.  Furthermore the children are seen as multiplicators, who can spread their knowledge, skills and experience to their families and neighbours – which makes this project to a sustainable and impacting one.


Project start: November 2017

Project objective: mobile non-formal education, formal school integration, job advisory and internship supervision, community involvement and awareness training

Project areas: Yangon Region, Dagon Seikkan Township, Ward 89

Total beneficiaries: 80 children per year

Future plan: to increase community involvement and awareness towards education, create interactive forms of education


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