Get personally involved and donate your time, know-how and passion to our activities.

Help is always needed. In these specific areas we are currently looking for volunteers:

Become a football trainer to play football with our children once or twice a week.

Become a self defence trainer to increase our children’s physical self-esteem and awareness.

Teach English to our staff in order to increase their capacities for teaching our children.

Teach English to our children in our day care centres. (Burmese speaking volunteers highly preferred.)

Become a handicraft trainer and teach our children new creative ways of creating things. (Burmese speaking volunteers highly preferred.)

Become a SSO-fundraiser and support our activities in raising money in order to enlarge our impact.

Interested? Send your volunteer request today, to find out your opportunities to contribute.

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There is always a chance to get involved. Get in touch today and start making the difference.