Our new “CHILD & YOUTH CENTRE” for the street children of Yangon

Planning and construction progress

  • Autumn 2017: SONNE acquired a property in Yangon’s third-largest slum to build a new street children and youth support centre.
  • June 2018: Experienced architects supported the planning of the new CHILD & YOUTH CENTRE.
  • October 2018: The official building permit was granted by the authorities of Yangon and the construction of the new building began.
  • November 2018: Finally, ground-breaking! The local SONNE-Team together with project manager Armin Mösinger of SONNE-International started the construction work of the Child & Youth Center. To the great joy of all the ceremony is also attended by a representative of a big sponsor.

We are looking forward to the completion of the new CHILD & YOUTH CENTRE. Every child has the right to a life in DIGNITY!

Construction progress since ground-breaking ceremony

Ground-breaking ceremony

Building 1: Construction of the foundation, hardcore and posts (iron rod)

Building 1: Completion of the second floor

Building 1: Completion of the attic