HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Daycare Centres – we are 2 years old!

On Friday 21st July we had many reasons to celebrate.

Above all: Two of our three Daycare Centres had their 2 year anniversary. Since July 2015 we have provided food, education and health care to over 80 children daily in these two centres, located in South Dagon and Dagon Seikkan (Yangon Region). Besides delicious food (everyone even had ice cream as dessert), the kids prepared some little shows such as songs and dance performances.

Another reason for celebration: recently the extension of the funding for our two centres got confirmed and we can continue with our activities. We took the chance to introduce one of our new activities – our community project. From now on we will host monthly community meetings in which the community itself decides on content and topics and creates a project within one year, under guidance and support of us, in order to improve their daily lives and surroundings. This should also lead to finding out how parents and family members can contribute to the centre.

Every little participation counts, it is not so much about a materialistic value but about the symbolic value. Families play a crucial role in every child’s education and it is important that parents see themselves responsible and able to provide education. We don’t want that responsibility is solely down to us as an organisation. A presentation of such community building activities and great awareness raising speeches of our staff made the ceremony a very diverse and special one for all of us.

Let’s hope we can celebrate many more anniversaries of our centres!