Advanced education for our teachers

Our day-care-centre teachers are the heart and soul of SSO Myanmar, and those who connect with the street children on a daily basis. Having a good relationship with the students is vital for their development, for this reason our SONNE teachers are carefully handpicked. However, there is always room for improvement – which is why in November 2017, thanks to MyME, we were able to send all our teachers to a 5-days advanced teacher’s training programme.

Our Day-Care-Centre teachers along with the teachers of MyME

MyME is short for Myanmar Mobile Education project and not only helps children who’ve been compelled into indentured servitude at teashop restaurants, to get non-formal education, but also provides training workshops for local NGOs. In friendly cooperation, our teachers thus received further education – because learning never stops – and later we’re able to make use of their newly gained knowledge, which reflected positively on our day-care-centre kids. As the programme went on for a full five days, everybody in SSO worked together so that we wouldn’t have to close the schools for this time. The Office team and some volunteers combined took care of the children for the project period, while the teachers attended the MyME course. At the end of the day, everybody learned something new, and we are thankful for the opportunity and benefits that collaborating with another local NGO brought.