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Many mothers of the children in our daycare centers need to raise their children and sustain their household on their own, as their husband left or died. We aim to offer a basic sewing training course for these girls and women in order to offer them a better chance on the job market or extra income.

Help to establish a sewing training for 20 jobless youth and single mothers

bySabine Test

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South Dagon, Yangon, Myanmar

Sabine Test

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Many girls and women in Yangon lack professional prospects due to their challenging circumstances they are living in. In the areas where we are active, in particular girls and women are most vulnerable to lack education as they are the responsible persons for the household. They are more likely than boys to drop out of school and/or never have been enrolled as they need to take care of their family or contribute to the family’s income. In order to earn some money, many take any job they would get, as a day-laborer or collecting rubbish and selling it. These jobs are often not only dangerous and underpaid, but also provide inconsistent income. Without training opportunities they cannot free themselves from their uncertain income future. Many lost their perspectives and self-esteem to find once a better paid, secure and especially more fulfilling job.

Target Group

Marginalized and vulnerable girls and women from poor backgrounds, starting from 14 years, who want to learn a trade in order to earn income.

Project Activities

The sewing training will take place every weekend, both days from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. One trainer will teach around 20 trainees. The training takes place in one of our daycare centers, which is not in use during the weekends. After six months the trainees are finished with their Basic Sewing Training and another 20 new trainees can start the course. The girls and women who successfully finished the training will get supervision from the trainer. The trainers are responsible for a job coaching after completion of the training; They support the graduates in the search for jobs or the path to self-employment.


Within one year 40 marginalized girls and women participated at the sewing training and are now able to earn income with their skills. The crowd-funding targeted amount of 2000 USD will fund a whole year for the course, this means we can offer two 6 months courses with each 20 trainees.

For our supporters

Once our campaign has reached our intended goal, you will receive an e-mail/be added to our supporter newsletter in which we will inform you about the start of the project in addition to some photos. As a supporter, you stay up-to-date on the current progresses within the training and the impact your donation has made on the lives of the girls and women who participated in the training. Also we will inform you after our follow ups what the girls are women are doing after their course, half a year later, a year later – in order to show you how your participation changed their lives in the long run. This way, we want to keep our supporters close to the individual projects they are interested in and give them the chance to stay more involved.

About Online Payment and Myanmar barriers

Please note that as Paypal does not operate in Myanmar, all donations will first go into the bank account of our partner and funding organization in Austria, SONNE-International. At the end of the campaign they will then wire transfer it to the SONNE Social Organization bank account in Myanmar and post a record of the transactions online. We understand that this requires a level of trust, and we wish there was a simpler and more straightforward way to receive funds over the internet. As we can’t wait to the day until financial infrastructure gets improved in Myanmar, we are thankful for your understanding! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries or questions on that:

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Sabine Test $25 July 31, 2017
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