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Needed items are sports dresses and shoes for all (120 children), sports field rent, medals, cup and footballs.

Buy sports equipment for our sports program

bySabine Test

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Yangon, Myanmar

Sabine Test

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Access to sporting lessons or activities is usually rare in Yangon, especially for marginalized children and young people with a poor background. For several years now, we have been integrating the sport component into our education projects. Unfortunately we don’t receive extra funding for sport activities such as football training or competitions. Luckily we found some volunteers who are training our kids in sports; also our social workers in the centres include sports activities in the daily timetable. The lack of material unfortunately limits this activity very much.

Target Group

Marginalized and vulnerable children between 5 to 14, living in our project regions around Yangon and who are visiting our Daycare Centres or Tuition Classes.

Project Activities

With the collected money we can buy more and better sports material and also we will be able to rent one more sports field, to make sure all kids of the centres can participate in the trainings hold by the volunteers. Also we plan on organizing a SSO Football Cup – Event, where all children from our three centres are competing against each other and families and neighbours will join too. Therefore we will by some sports dresses, medals, cup and footballs.


Within one year 120 marginalized and vulnerable children can receive sports material and have sports on their daily timetable in our daycare centre; some will be able to participate in regular trainings carried out by volunteers. A sports competition event will take place. The crowd-funding targeted amount of 500 USD will fund a whole year of better sports material and the costs to organize one sports event for all 120 children.

For our supporters

Once our campaign has reached our intended goal, you will receive an e-mail/be added to our supporter newsletter in which we will inform you about the start of the project in addition to some photos. As a supporter, you stay up-to-date on the current progresses within the training and the impact your donation has made on the lives of the children who participated in the sportsprogram. This way, we want to keep our supporters close to the individual projects they are interested in and give them the chance to stay more involved.

About Online Payment and Myanmar barriers

Please note that as Paypal does not operate in Myanmar, all donations will first go into the bank account of our partner and funding organization in Austria, SONNE-International. At the end of the campaign they will then wire transfer it to the SONNE Social Organization bank account in Myanmar and post a record of the transactions online. We understand that this requires a level of trust, and we wish there was a simpler and more straightforward way to receive funds over the internet. As we can’t wait to the day until financial infrastructure gets improved in Myanmar, we are thankful for your understanding! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries or questions on that:


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Hildegard Maier $50 July 19, 2017